Monday, November 15, 2010

8 days left of school;

"there's a vulture on my shoulder and he's telling me to give in"

not including weekends.

i'm pretty excited, i mean, i'm probably going to do more homework than i have all year so far, but it'll be for fun instead of for critiques and shitty grades. i'll do the stuff i wanna do, maybe even get to the darkroom, and if get enough stuff done, maybe it can even be put towards some projects in the future? i mean the only rule is that you can't submit anything for twice for a different class. one project per class, no sharsies. but they never said anything about handing in work that you've previously done. we could make it work right? maybe i should check my schedule...
another bonus? i only have one exam.

three cheers for art school! hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray!

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