Monday, March 30, 2009

what you'll never see

hide your face and shut your eyes
imagination is my disguise
shadows and mirrors always lie
so hide your face and shut your eyes.

squint up your face like the sun's in your eyes
this common mask is my disguise
blinded by dreaming, my heart passes by
squint up your face like the sun's in your eyes.

put your hands on my face and cover my eyes
plastered on warpaint is like a disguise
angry and shallow, these tears run dry
put your hands on my face and cover my eyes.

Photocredit: Stephanie Rotz

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Give up the break up, i'm not going anywhere
Take up the make up, i'm coming back to you.
Just a miserable wretch,
i'll stand and smash
every mirror in sight.
for i can't stand the sight of you
your eyes bloodshot through the night.
I abuse the committed
but can't commit to myself
what did you expect?
i can't make myself up.
Ghosts of all thesse tears run dry
self-dissapointment screaming,
Everything you touch will rot,
so wrap your arms around me.
Give up the break up, i'm not going anywhere.
Take up the make up, i'm always a part of you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

city lights

these nighttime lights

they shine so bright

blinding my soul

worse than daylight.

i squint up my face
like the suns in my eyes
a common reaction
perhaps a disguise.

turn out the street lights
drive alone in the dark
don't know where you're going
until you find your car parked.

the side of the road
as cars blur past
rushing, not caring
and driving too fast.

i put my head in your hands

as we hear tires scream

i can't stand the agony

my ears start to bleed.

put out the lights, turn off the sounds
i cant stand this ringing, its ringing, its ringing.

like cries in night,

tears in the lake

this ringing, this ringing

won't go away.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

what just happened?

wow, i just did the most...amazing? thing.

what have i done?
what is this feeling?
its closing in all around
and my body it's squeezing.

i'm not sure what to do
i'm not sure what to say
but i can't seem to stop smiling
and its giving me away.

i'm glad i got another chance
i'm glad that you came backto me
my gut was telling me to risk it all
my head was telling me to flee.

i took his name and held it tight
wont let it slip off my tounge
in fear of losing him forever
a girl so clueless, a girl so young.

"she's always been so good with words"
her parents used to brag,
but now she finds herself speechless
brandishing a torn and hanging flag.

scrawled across a face so scared
and oozing between these lips
"i love you" mutters a girl in fear
only to be shushed by his fingertips.

Something i drew after seeing Coraline. One of the best movies ever.

night owl

the best inspiration

comes from sleep deprivation

so i'll keep my eyes open

and let my fingers run fierce

cause the best words in life
are the ones that we write.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

shut me out

they say no one knows
what goes on behind closed doors
but thats why they invented peep holes.
so shut this door on me
but forever will i see
what goes on behind closed doors.

you can slam it as loud as you want
my face remains
i see past it
and into your eyes
beyond all the worry
and the lies
and know you could never

never ever mean it.
your heart i can hold

or choose to devour.

Photo credit: Stephanie Rotz

this spell you've put on me

your hand on my hip

you pull me under

the safety of your lips

never felt better.

this is voodoo doll from a craft show i once went to by the waterfront a couple years back. i wanted to purchase it sooooo badly but my parents said it was cruel.

i still wish i had one.

Chicken Scratch

Chicken scratch is all you are

the reason this pen keeps writing.

I don't need you... Only to write,

and to procrastinate me from living.