Sunday, March 22, 2009

what just happened?

wow, i just did the most...amazing? thing.

what have i done?
what is this feeling?
its closing in all around
and my body it's squeezing.

i'm not sure what to do
i'm not sure what to say
but i can't seem to stop smiling
and its giving me away.

i'm glad i got another chance
i'm glad that you came backto me
my gut was telling me to risk it all
my head was telling me to flee.

i took his name and held it tight
wont let it slip off my tounge
in fear of losing him forever
a girl so clueless, a girl so young.

"she's always been so good with words"
her parents used to brag,
but now she finds herself speechless
brandishing a torn and hanging flag.

scrawled across a face so scared
and oozing between these lips
"i love you" mutters a girl in fear
only to be shushed by his fingertips.

Something i drew after seeing Coraline. One of the best movies ever.

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