Saturday, June 5, 2010

ode to a glamazon

Don't be sad
glamourous girl
your feet may be scrunched
your hair may be pulled
your dress may be tight
your corset confining
your stockings too itchy
your nails much too long
but the cold on your bare skin
won't be cold for too long.
dear miss glamazon
your image is stunning.
the cake on your face
the glue on your eyes
is all worth the attention
for which many would die.
smile dear glamazon
you're headed somewhere,
perhaps to the bathroom
where you'll lay crumpled there.
oh my glamazon
such the sight!
many have lost
such an indesirable fight.
you're the last of your kind.
walk tall dear glamour
you are but a rare lash
in the global man's eye.

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