Monday, February 22, 2010

a girl

a girl:

she's an artist

frantically fragile

and weak in the heart

swerving endlessly

a life spent in the wrong lane

her works are her headlights

her brushes

the keys

dangling chimes

from the looped ring of silver

she looks in the mirror

starving and smiling

trading bright gleaming


for paint from the tube

happily she'll give

all that she has

for the hope of improvements

and the way out

of her hand

covered in black

smearing the white

left to right

left to right

strike like matches

eyes wide

she stares

at the figures as they move

carelessly gay

as they reach

desperate for embrace

she lifts her hand

with the string from her gaze


to the lens

of her eye

shutter open

and close

memories captured

with filmy residue

shiny side up


in a bath of aroma

staining the skin

cigarette yellow

similar to teeth


all she wants

is to be loved

her pictures

a picture

of what she hides inside


the mirror

of the back of her mind

and what she sees with her eyes

her heart on a canvas

abstract and surreal

expressionism too

her medias mix

with daring feel

different is what she wants

that wrong lane on the highway


but real

ambitions too high

too much to lose

but she's ready.


my name is carlie


and i'm a girl.

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