Monday, October 5, 2009

she's chasing me.

so much to do, and no time to do it.

here's MY list:
  1. 1. do a literature presentation tomorrow
  2. 2. model tryouts tomorrow
  3. 3. make cuts, organize scenes by the end of tomorrow
  4. 4. go babysitting wednesday
  5. 5. get some paramore tickets
  6. 6. gather my entries for the rockton fair and deliver them by thursday
  7. 7. giant art sketch due wednesday next week
  8. 8. go to work once this weekend
  9. 9. spend some time with my boyfriend
  10. 10. pay evelyn for metric tickets
  11. 11. figure out what i'm doing for halloween
  12. 12. not kill myself from over exertion or stress
  13. 13. eat healthy and not gain weight.
  14. 14. oh yeah, cancel my driver's lesson cause its on the same day i go see paramore
  15. get something for steph's birthday
  16. have carolyn come over!
  17. figure out when we have time for a fashion show meeting and how to keep people occupied
  18. oh crap we have a business test tomorrow.

wow will i ever get anything accomplished?

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