Monday, May 25, 2009

THOSE people

I won't name names,
cause thats no fun,
but i hate you deeply.
all together now, RUN!

i put up with you for way too long.
i despise every hair on your soon bald head.
i hate every layer of your caked on orange.
i detest every cheap smile that wont win you hearts.

(but maybe some cheap dates)

pour out your alcohol, snub out your fun.
theres nothing left except my hand and a gun
glued to your face while i watch you scream.

your friends wont save you
you're not worth enough.
its all that you are.
cheap thrills,cheap bills.

your tasteless comments and biting glares
wont surface my fear so you better beware.
i'm coming after you,
in some way or form
i hope i'm not gutless

while you pray that i am.

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